Sarah Fisher

Professional Voiceover Artist


After graduating with a degree in Communications from The University of Michigan, Sarah studied on-camera/Meisner acting in New York City with The School for Film and Television as well as Shakespeare with The British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. Continuing her craft in various plays, commercials, and independent and industrial films, she soon found her love for voice-over work after narrating an art exhibit in NYC. The rest is history.

She has provided smooth, professional narrations (both young-adult and middle-age) for corporate films of various high profile companies. In addition, she's narrated both local and national TV and radio commercials. Sarah tailored her character voices to meet the needs of High Voltage Software's video game entitled, "Leisure Suit Larry," and provided the sing-songy teen voice for the children's iPad app "US Cities". She provided the Robot voice of Roxie Rivetminder, a multi-million dollar project with The Robotics Academy of Carnegie Mellon University. Sarah has recorded on-hold, IVR announcements that required a welcoming, calm voice. The list goes on!

Let Sarah put her vocal skills to use for YOU! With quick turnaround from her broadcast-quality home studio, you will have the finished, edited voice tracks in no time, with total satisfaction!